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When making an application for further education in a native English speaking country many people are daunted by the prospect of writing a good quality supporting statement. They realize the importance of the task but in many cases are put off only due to not being familiar with the required content and style of writing. Reference to a high-quality statement of purpose study abroad sample for study abroad is often enough to get people started and allow them to complete the task quite successfully on their own.

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Our Study Abroad Statement of Purpose Sample

“My name is xxxx and I am writing to you from Edinburgh in Scotland where I am nearing the end of my undergraduate studies towards a BSc Honors in Petroleum Engineering. I am applying to Louisiana State University for a place on your MSc program in Drilling Engineering, the subject being a natural progression in my education, and the location being perfect for my future plans.As you can see from my attached details I am originally from a family of New Zealand farmers. I performed well in school examinations, particularly the sciences. During my teenage years I became interested in the technology used in the small but expanding New Zealand oil industry.

Because of the close ties between the UK and New Zealand, plus the near equivalence of the academic systems, I was able to win a place at Herriot – Watt University in Edinburgh, be awarded a scholarship at home, and received a student visa under the exchange program. My studies have gone well in Scotland with good scores across the syllabus, although my real interest has been in the drilling sector.

During my year out I was employed by Dolphin Drilling as a student trainee. I completed offshore training, attended drilling schools and worked a regular offshore rotation as roustabout and roughneck for 6 months. My ambition to learn more and engineer such operations was re-enforced.

My grades so far will see me being awarded a high class degree but my final year research has been dedicated to fluid dynamics as associated with hole cleaning, especially in the long, deviated or horizontal wells which are drilled these days.

My ambition is to attend LSU and focus more on drilling processes and fluid mechanics, particularly rheology. I believe improvements can be made in the characteristics of drilling fluids which will allow more extended reach wells and deepwater wells to be drilled. I would particularly welcome the chance to work with Dr xxxxx in your Drilling Fluids research facility.

My reasons to move to America are because I see the US oil sector being in an expanding mode whilst the North Sea is in decline. I wish to study in an English speaking area, where I can use my skills, continue to learn, and plan a realistic career.”

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