Study Abroad Recommendation Letter Writing

study abroad recommendation letterAs a professional manager, employer or teacher, you will occasionally be asked to provide an English language study abroad recommendation letter for an employee or student. You will realize that the quality of your piece will have a direct impact on their chances of selection by the school they wish to study at, and their future career plans. You will wish your study abroad recommendation letter to be of the best standard especially if their grades are below the usual university entry requirements.

There are certain skills required to write a study abroad essay or letter in English with good style and formatting which concisely summarizes the best qualities of the candidate as you see them.

Study Abroad Recommendation Letter Structure

Difficulties in Writing Recommendation Letter

Whether you are writing reference letter for study abroad or focusing on study abroad recommendation letter sample, the focus must be on the difficulties in writing. Here are the main points of challenges:

  • The length of the letter does matter. It definitely creates problem for the writers to end it up with the standard length.
  • The use of punctuation symbols in the appropriate manner is also a troublesome task. For instance, many of us don’t know the right places to use colon and semicolon.
  • The lack of meaningful words also create issues in composing the best letter of recommendation.
  • Not taking assistance from the top-rated recommendation letter writing service in the first attempt of writing.

Tips for Writing Recommendation Letter

Whether you are writing study abroad letter of recommendation or the sample LoR for admission in local university, these tips would always give you great suggestions:

Never underestimate the significance of these tips to end up in writing the valuable LoR. You must impress the selection team to achieve your outcome as per the desire. That’s it!

Study Abroad Recommendation Letter Sample

“It is with pleasure that I write this recommendation letter to study abroad for xxxx who as an employee with BP has been under my supervision at the Grangemouth refinery for 6 years in total.

As one of the process plant supervisors I first met xxxx in xxxx as a BP sponsored student engineer who was undergoing work experience. He was bright and keen to learn the nuts and bolts of refinery operations and I was delighted to have him return to my team 3 years later with his BSc and MSc completed.

Xxxx fitted straight into his assigned role as trainee, then full process engineer responsible for daily monitoring, improvement and optimization of different sections of the refinery. He excelled in this role showing great engineering knowledge, leadership and also team work. His verbal presentation skills are excellent at engineer, management and shop floor level.

It was during this period that xxxx became involved with our fractionation plant and 2 years ago was promoted to senior engineer responsible for that area. Since then the throughput of the plant has reached record levels with equally impressive improvements in purity of separation. These were achieved by changes made by xxxx to the plants operating parameters and also by the use of computers to automatically control each level of the fractionation tower in real time. These were detailed in a technical paper published last year.

You will know that xxxx has further ideas regards the automation of chemical process plants, particularly related to automated emergency shutdown methods. Xxxx wishes to pursue his research in your particular faculty because it is in line with your own published areas and he needs access to larger scale facilities such as yours. Xxxx is a reliable and hard working man. I have no hesitation in recommending him to your country, your university and to your faculty as a researcher, teacher and colleague.”

Write the best study abroad recommendation letter with tips and samples we shared!